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You've reached Lower Merion and Narberth .TV, the Public Access Television channel used by the 60,000 residents living in this Township and Borough, and by non-profits actively serving this community. Public Access is one of three television channels known under the acronym PEG . The P stands for Public Access, which is hosted by the community. The E stands for Education Access, which is hosted by the School District. The G stands for Government Access, which is hosted by the Township. Among the three PEGs, Public Access is the only television channel in the Township and Borough, where residents manage the channel and produce their own programs. To find out how the P of the PEG came to exist, go to the menu tab 'About Your Public Access' and scroll to 'PATV: The Story'. On this web page, you will find information about using and supporting Public Access.

Got your PEGs?

Each municipality in the US has the opportunity of providing PEG channels to their residents through local cable franchise agreements. Some municipalities choose to do so and others do not. Residents of Lower Merion and Narberth have the privilege of viewing all three PEG channels thanks to the decision of their local government to support open communication. Complaints about your television connection to any of the three PEG channels (or lack of it) should be directed to the Township of Lower Merion, which oversees the Cable Franchise Agreements with Comcast and Verizon.

The Public Access Petition for Equality

The Petition asks the Lower Merion Commissioners to establish a policy of equitable distribution between the three PEG channels to support - equally - the respective voices of the residents (Public Access), the School District and the students (Education Access), and the Township representatives (Government Access). We ask that petition signers be residents of Lower Merion Township because it is directed to the Commissioners of Lower Merion, and the subject of the petition is to establish policy within the Township. By signing the petition, you're asking the Commissioners to adopt a policy for the distribution of the Grant that is given by the cable operators for the exclusive purpose of helping the three non-commercial Public, Education, and Government (PEG) Access TV channels. The Grant is given to comply with the federal Communications Act that requires the cable operators to support the PEG channels.

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