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Devon Horse Show     produced by Jill Frechie

PROGRAM TIMES:                                                     

Sunday, June 15   8:30 PM

Thursday, June 19   9:00 PM

Friday, June 20   12:00 PM

Saturday, June 21   11;00 AM


Shipley Secret Garden Tour     produced by Jill Frechie

PROGRAM TIMES:                                                    

Monday, June 16   9:00 AM, 9:00 PM, 10:30 PM

Thursday, June 19   9:30 PM

Friday, June 20   6:00 PM

Saturday, June 21 12:00 PM


Lower Merion and Narberth PATV

You've reached Lower Merion and Narberth Public Access Television, a cable television channel used by the 60,000 residents living in the Township and Borough, and by non-profits actively serving this community. Public Access is one of three television channels known under the acronym PEG.

The P stands for Public Access, which is hosted by the community.

The E stands for Education Access, which is hosted by the School District.

The G stands for Government Access, which is hosted by the Township.

Among the three PEGs, Public Access is the only television channel in the Township and Borough, where residents manage the channel and produce their own programs. To find out how the P of the PEG came to exist, go to the menu tab 'About Your Public Access' and scroll to 'PATV: The Story' On this web page, you will find information about using and supporting Public Access.


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